2015 Oregon Cyber Security Day

April 17, 2015, Friday

Jaqua Auditorium, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Student Travel Grants

With the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, students from within the US can apply for travel grants to cover up to certain amount their travel and lodging expenses in order to attend the Oregon Cyber Security Day, 2015. Awardees will have to pay for their trip first, and then receive reimbursements by following the procedure described in the travel grant award notification. This year preference will be given to undergraduate or graduate students who have a strong interest in conducting research in cyber security, including those who have demonstrated their calibre in this field through software, publications, and other tangible means. Female and underrepresented applicants and those who are interested in the security program at the University of Oregon will be specifically considered.

Application Process

An application consists of:

  1. A one-page application;
  2. A student CV less than two pages; and
  3. A supporting letter, preferably from the applicant’s supervisor or a professor in the department of the applicant.

The one-page application should include the student applicant’s institution, GPA, degree being sought, research interests, accomplishments to date, plans for future research, and any information that the applicant feels relevant. Also include the estimated expenses (in US dollars) for attending the event (total, and breakdown by travel, lodging).

The letter should confirm an applicant’s academic standing at his/her institution, explain why the applicant is in need of a travel grant, describe the benefits for the applicant to attend the event, comment on the research and educational background of the applicant in computer and network security, and any information that may be relevant.


E-mail the application in one single PDF file to secday@cs.uoregon.edu. An applicant can expect to receive a response in approximately one week. Applications will continue to be processed until April 17 or when no more travel grant funding is available.

Travel Support

From Oregon: hotel and mileage coverage

From outside Oregon: hotel and airfare